our mission

To aware the rural urban people about their basic human rights and develop human resources for understanding community planning and implementation for sustainability and equitable development in all respect.

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Contextually informed leaders will be built across the region numbering around minimum five thousand for the next three years. Efforts will be made to ensure that more than 50% of them will be women.

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“Child Protection” is a most relevant issue in present days. The Objective of the programme to combat the freedom to read, write & grow. The project focuses to defeat children and girls.

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our programs

We have already been involved in many projects of the government and have been giving a definite result. These are the State Level, District-Level programme. Every Years we conduct different

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We fight together

We are humans

WE care about others

We are humans

Our Causes

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We visualized an exploitation free civil society where people of all communities live with peace, justice, prosperity and enjoy their basic human rights.
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To prevent child trafficking, to prevent school dropout, to prevent early marriage; with the priority of government planning, We are working very hard on the international border area of West Bengal
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Aiming to its mission and vision it is facilitating community people to be aware about their basic human rights as well as to be empowered to utilize their resources at optimum level
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The programme began with inaugural songs and was followed by many cultural programmes like dance, drama, recitations and song that were performed by the adolescent girls and women

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